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05-16-2012, 09:06 AM
I have two identical Tac officers - one Fed, the other Klink. The Fed toons ships are all called Claw, and the Klink ships are all called Pach (which I believe is Klingon for Claw).

Where relevant, I name the ships after arachnids or flying insects, because that's the way I roll. My favourite ship name I have is probably for a Tac Escort Refit with a red line vertically dividing the hull/saucer called U.S.S. Redback.

(In Australia, our version of the Black Widow has a red stripe on her back, instead of an hourglass on her underside. Hence the nickname 'Redback' for the spider - and mine for the ship.)

I will never forget the day I bought the KDF Siege Ship, equipped the Reman Prototype Shields, and called it "Warspider". I nearly fanboied in my pants, and was a gibbering wreck for weeks. Some things are just so cool (to me at least) that they fry my brain.