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05-16-2012, 10:13 AM
Originally Posted by Eulif_Davis
It's simple: you can't promote a bridge officer to or above your character's rank. Lower-tier ships are made for lower ranks, so its pointless to have higher-rank officer slots.
So by this logic starfleet destroys all ships a captain has captained once he reaches a rank that outdoes them? lol, no.

This is actually an indefensible policy. There IS no acceptable reason for this. Ironically, allowing the lesser tiered ships to be functional at endgame would be a huge boon to the game, allowing players not to be crippled by Cryptic's feeble design choices and able to run around in their favorite ships.

I can tell you that if they would implement a manner in which a Quasar could be retrofitted to include additional weapon banks and boff slots, I would be switching off between my dreaddy, it and my oddy. I love that ship, adds a huge amount of replayability to me. Once again I find myself baffled by how this IP has been mismanaged.