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# 401 The worst exp. EVER!
05-16-2012, 10:13 AM
I love to PUG, i love to meet knew people add the friends list so i can team up with good players and always have someone to team with and i like meeting the Klingons, they are pretty cool. I drive a Intrepid Class VA sci ship even though i'm a engineer and its a great combo btw. In a perfect world id be in Nova VA ship but that won't happen so Voyager (my fav ship in Star Trek and my fav series) is my ride.

STF: Cure Elite

Players: a Galaxy class, Atrox carrier, a classic Bird of Prey (refer to ST Generations (BG), and a Prometheus (non MVAM).

Scene| I started out by telling out the basic stuff of Cure Elite and the fact the name of the game is speed and guns and crowd control which in a VA Intrepid is my specialty as Obi-wan would say. So being one of the more nimble ships i weaved in and out of the initial parking lot. Took out a few Borg Bird of Preys (BBOPs). As with any Cure noob they ALL protect the Kang, so image an Intrepid up against all three cubes while a Atrox Class and a Galaxy class sit there trying to protect the Kang thinking if they can outlast the clock they will get the optional......oi all of them were on a team and where freaking Newbies! Luckily i managed to improvise, i switched my primary projectile and respective console to a TCM Tricobalt warhead then i fired my beam weapons for another cycle and my antiproton burst from my Jem set. I took down the shield facing, activated my Ablative Armor and Fired a HYT 2 charged Hvy Tricobalt Warhead 2 purple mark XI and destroyed the Cube by myself. While the nimrods are protecting the Kang. I chewed there butts out stating that if you take the source out i.e the Cube drydocks you will win. Finally they did there jobs after i was almost dirt tired doing a Cure Elite all by my lonesome. In the boss fight the guys mostly targeted the BBOPS and enjoyed Dogfighting while again i picked up the slack with my armor and my trics took out the carrier.

The Worst Team EVER! I had to go absolute Rambo and i was in a Sci ship!!!!!!!!!