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05-16-2012, 12:15 PM
Originally Posted by reyan01
I guess it's the case that newer players, with little experience, hurry through the story content and reach Admiral, still inexperienced. To be honest, I was like this myself initially - at least until I reached Lt-Commander and decided to join/read the forums. Console dropped? I stuck in on my ship, completely unaware that a Phaser relay is useless when your primary beams are disruptors. Sadly, it seems that a health number of participants of the game are unwilling to take the time to read up about what they're playing. And these same people end up flying Odyssey's with rainbow beams and consoles that don't do anything due to their unbalanced weapon loadout. We'll probably see the same with the Kitty carrier, although that does seem a little more forgiving of a bad weapon setup since you have fighters as fallback.
I wanted to try the game and I'm not a gamer at all. Got hooked instantly and rushed to make Admiral. Made every mistake in the book.....several times. Hey I'm a smart guy right? Then I read the forums and felt like Jar Jar Binks.....mesa so stupid. Changed weapons, consoles, training, etc. My survival rate in space and ground 100 times better than it was before. I hope everyone will eventually do a STO search or come to the forums.

At one time I wanted dual heavy cannons on my cruisers so bad.