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05-16-2012, 01:25 PM
Originally Posted by Jake477
I love to PUG, i love to meet knew people add the friends list so i can team up with good players and always have someone to team with and i like meeting the Klingons, they are pretty cool. I drive a Intrepid Class VA sci ship even though i'm a engineer and its a great combo btw. In a perfect world id be in Nova VA ship but that won't happen so Voyager (my fav ship in Star Trek and my fav series) is my ride.

STF: Cure Elite

Players: a Galaxy class, Atrox carrier, a classic Bird of Prey (refer to ST Generations (BG), and a Prometheus (non MVAM).

Scene| I started out by telling out the basic stuff of Cure Elite and the fact the name of the game is speed and guns and crowd control which in a VA Intrepid is my specialty as Obi-wan would say. So being one of the more nimble ships i weaved in and out of the initial parking lot. Took out a few Borg Bird of Preys (BBOPs). As with any Cure noob they ALL protect the Kang, so image an Intrepid up against all three cubes while a Atrox Class and a Galaxy class sit there trying to protect the Kang thinking if they can outlast the clock they will get the optional......oi all of them were on a team and where freaking Newbies! Luckily i managed to improvise, i switched my primary projectile and respective console to a TCM Tricobalt warhead then i fired my beam weapons for another cycle and my antiproton burst from my Jem set. I took down the shield facing, activated my Ablative Armor and Fired a HYT 2 charged Hvy Tricobalt Warhead 2 purple mark XI and destroyed the Cube by myself. While the nimrods are protecting the Kang. I chewed there butts out stating that if you take the source out i.e the Cube drydocks you will win. Finally they did there jobs after i was almost dirt tired doing a Cure Elite all by my lonesome. In the boss fight the guys mostly targeted the BBOPS and enjoyed Dogfighting while again i picked up the slack with my armor and my trics took out the carrier.

The Worst Team EVER! I had to go absolute Rambo and i was in a Sci ship!!!!!!!!!
This happens all too often in Cure. One escort can protect the Kang against BOP's easy. As far as I'm concerned if you're rolling with any kind of cruiser you should be attacking the probes under the cubes then calling out to the team once a raptor or warship shows up. Carriers.. unless you really know what you are doing should not be used for this mission. Then again none of this matters. The best thing to do for elite STF's is to not play them on weekends. I find that playing later in the evening on weekdays works best.