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05-16-2012, 03:27 PM
Tac in a cookie-cutter Fleet Escort running CSE, in a group picked up from the EliteSTF channel. I figured it would be better than a PUG right?

Right off the bat I should have bailed, when the person forming the group announced the tactics: they would handle the Kang, and everyone else kill everything right to left, cubes included. I asked if they were sure, if they had the skill to take on the raptor waves by themselves. "Oh yeah," she replied. "We've got lots of DPS," chimed in another. Okay maybe they're much more skilled than myself (not at all inconceivable) and in a fleet together and well coordinated. Well whatever, if it goes wrong it isn't my fault.

Drop into the match, the team is the ringleader in a Karfi, 2 Raptors, and 2 Fleet Escorts. Okay maybe they know what they're talking about after all. Karfi starts deploying drones and heads for the Kang, everyone else cuts right. Under the concentrated fire of 3 cannon builds, the probes and cube melt.. Wait 3? Where'd the other Raptor go? Don't know but now the team is only 4 ships instead of 5. Just in time for the Borg Raptors.

Hurry to the middle, stack on APA, APB, and CSV and open up on Borg Raptors, already under fire from the Karfi. Friendly Raptor likewise starts shooting Borg, but of course those Raptors have a lot of HP to chew through so it takes a few seconds. Could have gone faster if the other Escort helped, but he went and parked under the shipyard to start shooting at probes from a cube-safe distance and ignore the rest of the team. Ugh. While killing Raptors, it dawns on me that if Karfi is here in the middle, who's on the left? Pan my camera over, and see that the answer is nobody.

I see that the nearby Borg are all in bad shape and dead in the next second or two, so I Evasive over to try and slow the other raptor wave down. I don't have the firepower to solo 3 Elite Borg Raptors before they can get to the Kang, but I'm hoping I can at least slow them down long enough by distracting and messing with their formation, though they'll probably kill me in the process. I arrive, shoot one till it changes targets to me, then switch and start shooting the next, then the third. I'm not a very good tank, and with 3 EBRs angry at me I explode quickly. But I pulled them off their Kang attack run and bought enough time for Karfi to show up and GW them. I question her tactics but at least her build is decent. Friendly Raptor backs her up, and I respawn and get back into the fight, and we kill this wave. Then back to the middle for that newly-spawned wave, then back to the left, can see where this is going.

After a couple minutes we've managed to get things un-chaosed enough that Karfi calls out for FR to stay with her on the Raptors and for me to go reinforce the middle escort, still parked under the shipyard. Timer is practically gone but I figured we weren't getting the optional as soon as Pilot #5 left, and we can still get the dil, EDC, and maybe tech, so I'm not really paying attention to the clock at this point. Escort 2 has been grinding away on the probes, slow but methodically, and then we turn to the cube. It blows me up once, but it goes boom, so I look back to my Klingon associates and see they have 4 borg raptors shooting at the Kang.

This is getting old. Myself and the other escort charge over, i throw every heal and defensive boost I have on the Kang (down to 21%), and start shooting birdies. By now the first Negh'var wave is almost in range, and I guess the GW was on cooldown. Still we get them in time and cut left to start alternating between killing probes and Negh'vars.

At that point it goes pretty normally, cube goes boom, Kang limps out of the system, carrier appears and explodes, rewards are junk (though Karfi gets proto engine tech). So happy to be out of there, ugh.

The lesson I take from all of this: whenever anyone says they're good enough to not worry about tactics in the pregame chat, leave immediately. Nobody is ever as good as they say they are, and tactics matter. Boring and effective > heroic failure.