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05-16-2012, 02:51 PM
Originally Posted by walkincrow
Nothing is worse when people accuse you of things you didn't do. I have had it happen to me and it drives me crazy.

The line, "The Kang doesn't need you to protect it" is hilarious. Usually if the Kang get's in any kind of trouble it's already to late. That player needs to have those words burned into his character bio so others know his level of ineptitude.

Most of these missions I have run over 50 times and people still impart their knowledge on me showing me how little I know. Than there are people like the one mentioned above who have run it a couple of times and think they are an expert.

At least someone manned up and apologized. I can't say I have ever seen that type of behavior in STOl. :p
i have been burned so many times that i always protect kang. if i don't i lose everytime.