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05-16-2012, 03:57 PM
Originally Posted by Kalyon View Post
Just the resurrect an old thread but I agree. The Excelsior is long overdue to be touched up with greater detail and also as seen in Star Trek VI TUC we saw that the torpedo tubes are located on the side on the engineering hull and not the neck piece between saucer and secondary hull.
If we don't get a Sovereign refit - or even if we do - I'd like to see a Sovereign skin for the Excel-R myself. Give us an option between a "classic" and "modern design." IMO the Sovereign is in line to become the Excelsior of the fleet for the next century, anyway, and in a lot of ways is a direct successor to the Excelsior sub-branch of the saucer-hull-nacelles Constitution-based design. It'd also make me feel a LOT less weird about flying an Excel-R around - in fact, although I try to tell myself it's a Sovereign's insides stuffed into an old hull that's optimized for transwarp, it still feels like I'm flying a museum piece, so I don't do it often, even though I paid for it.