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05-16-2012, 04:03 PM
Originally Posted by Captain Data

PvP is time oriented part of the game. You have to PvP for weeks and/or months to get the PvE stench off your ship and then you really can learn. It took me months to be decent at PvP, I am still trying to be great at PvP it takes time, practice, and a lot of respawn clicks.
I must admit back in 2010 all did was pve to Rear Admiral (b4 Vice Admiral came out) without even touching pvp, their was nothing for me to pvp for all the rewards were with pve. It was only till I hit RA that I started to pvp only because I wanted end game content and was curious.

The first few months was all about clicking the respawn button and thinking wtf !!!!, I started to pvp in my beloved Assault cruiser and was squshy as hell, I was usuing all the good stuff like boarding party jam sensors etc etc, but now its my beloved ody or escort. It took at least 2 months of pure pvp to start to understand the game mechanics and what each bridge officer skill actually did. The point is it does take a lot of time to get into the groove of pvp and pvp offers nothing really as a reward to entice players to do it. Even now 800 days later im still learning new things about each skill and flying techniques. Wish their was something that enticed players to pvp early on so they get hooked just like me.

(mmm sry for the ramble but had a few whiskys, may have even gone off topic, but hey )