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05-16-2012, 04:49 PM
Originally Posted by LoganWilliams
Before you actually consider removing PVP from the game. I'd like you to consider an open TeamSpeak forum with those of us who DO PVP and consider it as the ONLY reason worth playing the game. Many of us are lifetime subs and we've done our grind. Love/hate each other, I think you'll find that we WILL agree about our feelings of tanking pvp. LISTEN to us...... HEED what we have to say. This isn't the first or last game most of us have pvp'ed in. You treat the players like we don't matter.... like we can't be constructive. Until this changes, you won't "save" PVP.
I agree. The problem is that for those of us that have been lifetime sub's for a long time find PvP the real challenge. PvE is alot of fun but only goes so far as atm it is possible to out build even the Elite npc's and take out entire mobs, even the heaviers units solo.

PvP as in every MMO is where the challenge is. Now obviously you guys have no idea how to fix this properly. I suggest you talk to us, that spend most of our time in Ker'rat and the PvP ques what needs to be done to fix it. As seeing as what you are intending to do to PvP in season 6, you clearly have little or no idea of what we want.

You talk about it being a business. The key in business is to know your clients. PvP has huge potential but you need to actually listen to those of us that actually PvP. Thats smart business.

What you're talking about doing is like Optus cutting its 1TB download limit because only 3% of its customers use it. Instead they think about ways of making it more appealing, by "adding things".

The reason PvP is where it is, is to because no one uses it. We clearly do. But because you lot have shown no love for it at all since launch.

Perosonally, you want to make PvP worth it? Make it rewarding, not just dilithium, give us rare and unique drops for PvP only. Give us a reason to do it and people will flock to it. Thats smart business thinking.