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05-16-2012, 06:18 PM
Well I hear rumors of PvP getting decimated, so I feel that I should voice my opinion. Or it doesn't really matter. First PvP is a nightmare as it stands currently, but the people I go against in Kerrat are by far a lot better then any AI I will encounter in game. To the scale that most players that activly PvP can easily destroy the more powerful ship of the game solo.

But I feel as if PvP was neglected due to a lack of direction, so allow me to help. This following idea is from what I understand, easy, simple to impliment, and more importantly profitable on all sides.

My idea, is for controllable zones. Yes im digging up this long dead horse to beat it one last time. But the idea would provide benefits to players who wish to PvP for a sepcific purpose and more importantly would allow cryptic to make money on the side. The controled zones would be perhaps both Space and Ground, where as the Space ships would secure the system, while the ground team would harvest the resources that would later be shared among the entire team. So not every person in a zone has to be an elite PvP player to enjoy the rewards. More importantly it could be level or even skill controlled, by replacing the current Que system with the ability to choose what skill level you are willing to fight in. Example, Easy, Medium, Hard, where as hard would be the zone with the highest rewards, and therefore attract the best players. The zones could run 24/7 with the ability to cap the population evenly between factions. Thus eliminating the outnumber the enemy and lock down the zone effect. Now about this point its somewhat strange to understand what would be in this for Cryptic... Easy to explain, you can make special equipment and double reward perks, new weapons for both ground and space, new harvesting systems. It's really a limitless well of possibilities for PvP to make cryptic a lot of money. But some people who do not wish to PvP will probly complain if they are forced to PvP for some resource. For that I have a solution too, make a PvE version with substantially lighter rewards. This solves the problem of PvE players not having access to the resource, and also keeps PvP a valuable asset for both the players and cryptic.

Surely it would not be difficult to add a system in a Que, and also couldn't be difficult to make a "Special Resource" that would allow players access to new and exciting equipment. And when you CREATE a supply, I can promise you, there will be a Demand for that resource.

Please consider what you can do with PvP, befor you remove it and a valuable asset of the game. As I myself have purchased ships and equipment to fight other players, not a perticular AI.