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On Stardate 89979.88 a tired grey caitian scowled his face while laying in bed. Often his mind wandered with wonder before he could wear his mind down enough for sleep. Tonight was no different. Infact he was contemplating thoughts often reoccuring to him for years. His tail thumped with agitation against the matress. Suddenly, he spoke:

"Personal Log, Captain Korat "Spike" Felin'Lithe of the Starship Enki" A signal chimed his prompt.

"I have wondered about a phenomenal event which when one looks at it, makes little sense. Not the event so much really but how it unfolded.
In the year 2373, the borg traveled to Earth. Originally I thought this was simply an attack as usual to take over the Federation. However the more I looked at it, sending one cube made no sense. Whether I am supposed to know or not, I learned that what I thought was a swift defreat with Starfleet's efforts was more. Apperantly they traveled through time. While may sound strange to many out there, this the official report.
The fleet had moved in and once the Enterprise showed up, it was all over for the borg. True the cube was destroyed but a sphereical vessel was ejected and Enterprise followed it into a temporal distortion which according to records caused them to arrive in the year 2063. The year of first contact for Earth. Infact it was the day before Cochrane would travel travel through warp space.

I understand what their purpose was. Kill Cochrane and destroy the famous capsule known as 'The Pheonix". Each time I go over this I am confused about two things. Why did they travel to Earth first THEN travel through time? Next one must ask one's self, WHY did they choose such small window of time to complete their mission in? As Lt Saasut might say, most illogical. It doesn't take a vulcan to agree either.

One borg cube travels all the way across the galaxy to face an entire fleet. True cube-ships are more than formidable and unless hit in the right spot, then you could spend all day chipping away at its hull before breaking through. Still, they must have known there would be more than one ship fighting it off.

Secondly, the day before First Contact, seriously? Why not a few days. A week or a few months. Hey, why not a year? There was nothing to threaten them during time period. Since they were breaking through linear time, why not?

I don't expect these cyborgs to be creative. Their overwhelm-the-enemy-in-numbers approach to winning makes them predictable, thank goodness. Still shouldn't a few key things have occured to their little collective mind before executing a plot? Certainly there has to be some temporal physicist that was assimilated into the collective.

End log.

"Captain's log supplimental:

I still can't sleep. Its too difficult to not ponder. Alot of things people do never make any sense. No matter what planet you are from. Vulcan's being the sole exception. I have drawn some conclusion to this conundrum bothering me tonight. Theoretical of coarse.

Earth was right there for the taking. Nothing could have stopped them. They could have traveled back long before Earth's first space age and began from there. They didn't. This leaves me to one conclusion that can only make sense. There were no proper instruments to calculate a specific time of day. So, with that in mind I can disregard that they made a foolish destination point.

However, what still makes no sense is why they chose to bring a fully funtional cube ship before the heart of the Federation. They had to know there would be an entire fleet waiting for them. Not excluding its flagship, a new and improved Enterprise. If they had traveled through time first, THEN made route to Earth of the past certainly their mission would have been a success.

There is one thing that remains possible. It wasn't the borg who created the temporal distortion but intstead a random natural occurance did. Doubtful though. Considering how everything that does make sense falls into place.

So there is only one way to resolve this for good. One possible explaination that sums up the whole time-traveling cyborg fiasco on their part. A word that I don't enjoy using to describe someone. Only one way for this to make any sense to me, no matter how endlessly facinating I find their plot to have been.

Borg are stupid."