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This is another thing that needs to go away.

I thought if I gave Cryptic enough time, they'd implement the system fully.

But apparently not.

In the Devidian episode with the mad hologram, they introduced a new way for BOFFs to speak to you, their comments popup in the chat box and/or a little icon near it when they have important mission updates to deliver.

I was quite excited by this and was expecting it was an experiment to test it before full-scale implementation.
So I waited.
And waited.
And continued to wait.

I'm getting quite irritated with this screen popping up at the most innappropriate moments, because it's been scripted to appear when event X happens, regardless of whatever you might be doing at the time.

I'll use Cure Ground as an example, since it's the one I'm most familiar with:

Fighting Borg Drones.
<popup>. You have failed the Optional Objective! You can still continue with the main mission.

About to target Borg Drone.
<popup>. That's the last Klingon lifesign in the area. The remaining one must be Armek.

I'm getting quite frustrated with these screens appearing during combat or when I'm about to commence combat!

They should introduce a function that if you're on a combat map (i.e: one with enemies to fight!), the BOFFs deliver their messages in an unobstrusive manner, like they do in the Devidian mission.
It's extremely unproffessional and riduculous to see these missions interuppting your gameplay during combat.
Would you jump up in front of your Captain and wave at them to say "Hey! Look at me!" while they're in battle?
No, you wouldn't, you'd speak to them over comms or wait until they were finished.

And people have made the counter-argument that Red Alert status cancels this screen.
I can assure you this is not the case.
Many times, this screen appears during combat.

I seriously think it's time Cryptic reexamined this issue!