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05-16-2012, 07:39 PM
Khitomer Ground:
Get off to a decent start. Have to stand around for about 2 minutes while our 5th tries to get past the load screen. Which was fine, gave us time to meet and greet. 3 Klings (all in the same vent, which is how we knew he was waiting for load screen) a Fed, and myself.
I let them know it was only my 4th time doing that particular STF (used to always lag out on that one,but no longer an issue )
So we discuss some of the basics. Our 5th finally loads in, and we get started.
Everything is going great, no one is dying, borg are dropping like flies.
About half way thru, we're standing waiting for our Cool-downs to finish up, so I take the time to ask a question that I forgot to ask at the beginning. Just a simple, harmless question or so I thought.
"So, where's this accolade I keep hearing about?" That was my question. Simple, Nothing more. The response? "oh god a damn noob" and everyone bails, except the other Fed player. I was shocked to say the least seeing as I did mention at the beginning that it was only my 4th time thru.

So that was a failed STF, just because of a harmless question. Talk about priorities

But on a side note, if anyone wouldn't mind going on an accolade jaunt one of these days let me know (if its still available)