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05-16-2012, 07:35 PM
I'm telling ya every one that plays this game needs to sub up a couple months to eve online. It will let you see what 9 years of development work has done to a lot of the problems we are having in STO. EVE is missing a lot of stuff that this game has done well at like a cool story, cool avatars, walking in space stations, and ground combat. But when it comes to in game mechanics for space PVE/PVP, fleet systems, in game economy and currency systems (see my post about currency's it takes the cake. Star trek needs to learn from EVE successes to make STO be all it can be.

Here are a couple things STO needs fix and add, some come from eve.
1. Fix the mouse tracking bug where your mouse pointer starts ghosting.
2. Make a right click menu for categorizing inventory and a auto stack all option for same items.
3. ALL UI menu's should be windowed so they can all be drag/droped and sized including the corner map, totally customizable UI.
4. Full galaxy auto pilot, not just sector to sector.
5. Fix carrier commands for fighters, laggy and unresponsive a lot of the time.
6. Make all items real inventory, carrier fighters should be individual items loaded into your ship. You should be able to control them individually and see there attack status and hull/shields in a windowed menu.
7. Extend weapons range, canons and high dps should start at 10km with beams going out to 100s of km like it would be in real space. This makes for much more classes of ships including snipers.
8. More camera zoom out so you can see more around your ships even when you have huge ones like carriers, you should be able to have as much zoom out from your carrier as you do for you shuttle craft.
9. An option to turn on a tactical overview over your ship showing scan range, weapon range maximum and optimum and other systems much like EVE's
10. Allow full impulse in combat no stupid restrictions, you should be able to warp in and out and impulse when ever you want. Interlock systems are old and restricting.
11. Full player driven economy, allow more to be made by players through the replicator systems.
12. Base the whole economy off of dilithium powering ships antimatter reactors and there for there replicators which let players make things using reactors energy credits, much like the model now just more complete and with the dilithium used as a fuel it makes a working currency sink. See my link above about currency for info on how the system would work.