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05-16-2012, 08:28 PM
Sorry I cannot bring myself to read all these walls of text to see if this has been said before but figured I'd lend a few suggestions to the PVP remake discussion.

1: Give it purpose... sector control (with a bonus), planet control (with a bonus) etc... leaving it to just give some crap item to sell for more creds a lvl 50 doesn't need because they have full gear is pointless. Maybe just MAYBE even like 1 cryptic point per win. Now THAT would make it competitive.

2: Balance - Tactical built right dominates. Engy blows and science is easy to counter.

3: PVE Reward balance (The reason lots of people non tactical are suckin so hard IMO is the roles aren't defined well in PVE meaning Engy tank, Sci support/healer. Why are these crap? Because everyone goes for dmg due to the rewards on SB24 for example being CRAP for anyone not dmg oriented)

4: Pay attention to the PVPers not the PVEers. PVPers know the game a lot better than PVEers. Why? Because they have to develop skills and knowledge of everything in the game in order to defeat the unknown plethora of combos delivered by fellow pvpers instead of a premade easy mode group of bots.

Just a few thoughts from a seasoned PVPer hope it helps! (probably just get buried though from the sounds of things haha)