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05-16-2012, 11:52 PM
Originally Posted by MallowOni
I'm running a slightly modified version of something that was suggested previously when I asked about cruisers. It works great in PVP & normal STFs, but I'm finding in elites it can't do enough DPS to handle more than a couple of probes at a time in Khitomer, and it takes a while to stop two birds of prey in Cure (though I can stop them before they reach the Kang). Stopping raptors before they reach the Kang in Cure or killing the 4 probe spawns in KA is out of the question though.

As far as I can tell the reason is probably because the weapon power drops so much while the beam arrays are cycling. I start at 125 & drop to about 50 normally or as far down as the 30s when Beam Fire At Will is running. This causes me to hit for a third of my maximum damage when the weapon power level is down. Other players have told me they keep their power levels close to 100 all the time, but I don't see how. I took one player's advice & swapped in an EPS Mk XI (70%) which I didn't have before (I was using an RCS in that slot) and didn't see any difference whatsoever. Even when I replaced all my engineering consoles with EPS I only stayed about 10 weapon power higher than before.

Any ideas how I can keep my weapon power and DPS up?
Keeping 1 or 2 torp launchers is always a good idea for burst damage when shields are down. If you're running 8 beams, it's not really worth it, DPS-wise, when compared to the power drain. 6 or 7 beams with 1or 2 Quantum torps will do better and keep your power levels up higher.

In your skills, putting points into the weapon power line will help. As will pumping up warp core efficiency (that helps all power levels). Keeping at least one or two copies of Emergency Power To Weapons on your BoFF bars helps a LOT. Tactical Team can help with DPS, too, though I'm not sure if it effects power levels. Keeping some Weapon Batteries in your device slots is always a good idea as well. On my Gal-X I might drop down into the high 70's on weapon power now and then because I haven't perfected my ability cycle just yet, but most of the time I'm sitting at least in the 90's, usually over 100. Only time I really drop low is when I fire off my phaser lance, but I usually lead with a burst from it while maxed on DPS buffs while coming out of cloak.

Hope some of that helps.