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Originally Posted by AceJim View Post
This is what I hope for in terms of Boff layout:

Lt Com ENG
Lt Com Tac
Lt Sci

I remember when the Excelsior refit first came out, there were talks of revamping the other Tier 5 ships. This was an idea floating around for the Sovereign. It would be awesome if they gave us this Boff layout. First I didn't think they would do this, but with the recent release of Atrox carrier with a similar boff arrangement of a 1COM, 2 Lt Com, and 1 Lt stations give me hope that this is a possiblity for the Sovereign refit.

This would meet the needs of both groups who wants a LtCom tac (to complete with the Excelsior refit) and those who doesn't want to lose the tankiness of a LtCom ENG station. For me, if I had to choose between a LtCom Tac vs a LtCom ENG, I would choose LtCom ENG. I love the tankiness of the current layout. If we lose the LtCom ENG station in favor of a LtCom TAC, I'd rather not get the refit when it comes out in the C-store.

In addition to this change, or if they decide to leave the boff layout the same, they can add a special console in an additional TAC console slot. For this special console, it must be a special rapid fire Quantum Torpedo turret that lets you fire a choice to two different settings, a High-Yield Torpedo 3 or a Torpedo Spread 3. These torpedoes should come out from the Torpedo turret under the saucer as per canon. Currently the torpedos come out from below the deflector. This console should have at least an increased shield penetration or bonuses to torpedo skills. This console should be a torpedo equivalent of the Dreadnaught cruiser's Phaser Lance.

This would give the Sovereign a much needed Tactical boost to compete with the Excelsior refit and the Dreadnaught cruiser.
I like the idea of the the rapid fire quantum torpedo launcher that fires two settings, HY3 and TS3. But for bridge officer layout I think also a another science console would help to at it keeps in with the sto lore since the E had another major refit in 2385.