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05-17-2012, 07:55 AM
Originally Posted by feistyfawn View Post
Someone on the global chat said rainbow ship is more usefull than one color ship.
This guy said he uses feature of each kind of weapon and his ship is better than same ship with full antiproton (console mag antiproton and antiproton weapon).
Is it true? I thought it's best using only kinf of energy weapon with the right tactical console. Do I made mistake?
A "rainbow" ship is a sign of a young player. If you have such, stick to normal STF where you will be at least on par with the NPC and can contribute some.
If you are going to go for PVP or ELITE STF, then you need to decide what type of weapon system you wish to have.
NO weapon system is better then any other, other then I would avoid plasma, as too many ship sets have major plasma resistance. Sure you will find some that swear by this, and swear by that.
Find a weapon type you like and stick with it. I have 4 diff weapon types that I use, on 4 different cruisers that I run, and I can not find enough DPS diff when I parse it out to matter at all. They are so close it is almost completely indistinguishable. Cryptic did a good job evening those out.

Most of us stick with Phasers, Disruptors, Anti-proton, and some run Tetryon and Polaron, just depends on what they are really after.

On my standard Phaser Galaxy(X), compared to a friend of mine who ran a STF with me a month plus ago who did a rainbow ship so we could see the damage output, he was averaging 26% less damageCompared to what I was doing per beam. We both went in with the same weapons, and max the consoles out for phaser and him generic.

So what this person stated is completely false. In a pvp match or an elite STF that deficiency will show very very quickly.