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05-17-2012, 07:13 AM
What everyone has said here is valid... A single damage type is better than a rainbow......BUT, imo, it also depends on some other factors.

I have a Sci char, that uses a Carrier. With Bio Neural warhead, and all the other consoles i have, and the limied number of tacts on a carrier. I find having a rainbow scheme for turrets has been great. Since i cant really boost my DPS up much anyways through consoles, i like hitting with several procs at once. And since the turrets fire so fast, the odds of procs are better than say with Beams or Cannons.

I do not consider that ship "supeiror" by any means. But i also do not consider myself inferior as well. I do VERY well in Pvp on that carrier. But all Mark XI turrets and a couple of Rapid fires, i do pretty good at hurting shields....Enough for the fleet of Fighters and BoP's get to ya.