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05-17-2012, 08:13 AM
Captainís Log - Supplemental

Two members of my crew were injured today.

The first is Kugid, a civilian-employed Advisor from Orion. This diplomat was injured today when he competed in an unsanctioned combat arena in the Kaleb sector, He made a respectable showing and finished among the top tier of combatants. Kugid has got a few bumps and bruises and was checked out in sickbay and was released. He is one tough Orion. Glad he is on our side instead of the KDF.

Specialist Ernie Michael Hauser, three years out of Starfleet Academy was the other injured crewmember. Hauser is an Astrometrics Scientist who is responsible for the scientific maintenance of our transwarp drive. Today, however, he was nowhere near the station as he was disciplining an errant crewman in an office when he slipped in his chair, hit his chin on the desk, and knocked himself out. He was brought to sickbay and revived before released and a good laugh was had by all.