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05-17-2012, 08:57 AM
Really which is better is relative to how you want to play the game and your play style. I have the Oddy the excelsior and the Dreadnaught. Don't do pvp so wont even comment on what is good for that. As far as pve is concerned I will just tell you what i think each ship does best for me.

Starting out the tactical Oddy or Engineer Oddy are both good ships and have the most console spaces and both have universal Ltcom and Ensign Boffs. They are without a doubt for me the most versatile ships I have being as I can go and have alot of different builds out of the same ship. Prefer the Tactical Oddy cause it has plus 10 to weapons and use it the most out of these two. If you really like switching it up where one minute your dps and the next your a tank and then switching to healing this ship is great. To many escorts and no healers isn't a prob as you can switch to increase your engineer abilities to tank or switch to science to heal/crowd control. You have to many science ships and there isn't much dps in your group well again not a prob toss in extra Tacital boff abilities. This is probably one of the best for pug groups as you can alter your ship to find the best role for any group you might get tossed into.

The dreadnaught. I run this like most tell ya not to with Two dual heavy cannons up front a beam array and a quantum torpedo. Got two turrets in the back and two beam arrays all phaser weapons to help with my lance damage as that way I can stack Phaser tac consoles. If you want beastly damage this thing has it in spades. I can take this into a STF and with two tac teams, cannon rapid fire, Dem3 I keep most everything wanting to kill me. With the rest of my engineerpowers I keep myself alive and my science slot has hazards to get rid of borg plasma fires and the shield drain. I use a Tractor beam in my second Science Boff power as if you save this or have it ready at the right time you can make your phaser lance a deadly weapon. With tractor beam you hold your target inplace and that makes your lance hit everytime as far as PVE is concerned. Having high skills in targeting helps also but the tractor beam makes a lot of difference if your really wanting to smash npcs with your phaser lance. Just sit back and wait for the shield facing your at to drop, tractor the npc and fire lance, I've seen it hit for 30k twice and even on a borg tac cube that knocks out a ton of its health.

The excelsior now has the others beat when it comes to turning and speed both inside sector space and out. The transwarps will get you anywhere you want to go in less then a minute, or atleast with my build it does. If your doing dailies this ship will provide great dps and the fastest traveling speed between them easily. I don't dig the older design as much as the Galaxy-X but it still looks good and has a great Boff slot design to do great Dps and still provide the heals you want to stay alive in any fight atleast for PVE. It really is a great all around ship and a pleasure to fly as the extra turnrate will help keep whatever side you want facing the npc . It is my personal favorite out of the three just cause It provides the best build for a Tac captain in a cruiser I have found so far does great dps and makes traveling around for dailies a breeze.

Other cruisers I can't really comment on. Galor and the Ferangi ships both look like they have great possibilities if you got the EC for them or your real life luck is only shared by mythical Irish beings.