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05-17-2012, 09:03 AM
Originally Posted by Devilsharck
Although recently I've noticed that after I give my initial instructions before the event starts I look around and I'm surrounded by Defiant's and all other types of humongous ships and I can see the event is won before it's even begun. ^^
The last several runs I've done on this mission, i've met up with Odyssey's, Multi-vectors, Defiants, Ferengi and some Klingon ships. But I have to say that all that extra firepower did NOT guarantee a successful run on all of missions.

I've recently switched my Chaffee Shuttle with the MACO mkX set up to a Runabout with the Breen set and the rapid reload torps. It's really not bad. I prefer my Chaffee, but i think i got the runabout build where I want it. I just need to score another borg console for it and I think I'll be set. Maybe the phased polaron array's from the dominion series too.