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05-17-2012, 09:08 AM
I agree with it needing a new look. Im a Tac and when I do get in a cruiser for fun, its the Excelsior due to it having the best turn rate.

I would probably play with it more if it had a more modern ship skin. They made the newer Connie, why not do the same for an END GAME ship of the same Era?

I got in mine yesterday and maybe seen one other. I know they are "supposedly" working on it, but this game really needs more variety in ships in the END game. All you see are the same Oddy's(seriously every where), Sovi's, Fleet escorts, and Promi. Sometimes the occasional Intrepid and Defiant.

HEY JAM JAMZ, maybe looking into this if you haven't After all the guy seems to be hinting at givin us the long awaited Akira Retro