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05-17-2012, 09:12 AM
there are exceptions to the rule....well...kinda

for example:

combine Hybrid Plasma Disruptors with conventional (Dam) Disruptors
- Plasma buff console
- Disruptor buff console
- Energy buff console

This lets the Hybrid beams take energy buffs from all three consoles buffing both the plasma and disruptor sides of the dual energy weapons.

combine Tetryon and Polarized Tetryon
- Tetryon buff console
- energy buff console

The phased and conventional Tetryon energy types offers a slightly wider energy base and though they are technically the same energy type it does seem to offer a little more punch.

combine Phased polorpn and conventional poloron
- poloron buff console
- energy buff console

As with the Tetryon weapons the combination of phased and non phased weapons seems to give more raw punch that singling out one or the other, again im simply not sure why but things tend to blow up faster when they are working in unison.

You may have noticed that despite the differing energy types they are generally the same colour but with ALL things there is exception to the rule in this case its this:

Bifrost Battleship AKA: The rainbow beam boat:

combine Spiral Wave Disruptor with conventional or Retrofit phasers or conventional disruptors
- Phaser buff console
- Disruptor buff Console
- energy buff console

With a little careful planning and a big enough ship this may well be the only way to fly a rainbow beam boat without falling into the trap associated with mixing energy types.

The Bifrost build is for fun only and should be treated as such, yes it can be viable for Starbase 24 but honestly thats pretty much it, dont try STF's with it as you do loose out on a little raw power