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05-17-2012, 09:55 AM
Originally Posted by carmenara
Hi all,

I just thought to get a forum opinion for a relatively new elite STF player (myself) who would like a heavy assault cruiser for ESTFs.

Purpose of request:

Right, I do know that a cruiser is not the optimal raw DPS platform but it is customary for me to use extend shields and spare engineering teams to support friendly ships in STFs, because it's rare in PUG teams to see team heals yet I feel the 'space medic' role is instrumental in keeping others alive and thus maximize average team DPS.

In other words I cannot live without a cruiser's multiple engineering boff slots and the innate tanking ability.

On Elite STFs you will be lucky if anyone supports you at all as a tanking cruiser.

Your choice will be to either focus on being a support/heal ship or an aggressive threat control focused ship.

DPS will be more a matter of your profession, but generally you're not there for the real DPS needs at all.

Originally Posted by carmenara
Current ships:

During the first 2 weeks of April I learned how to play normal STFs with the aim of getting optionals as many times as possible. My first ship was a star cruiser, flown as a healer / tank. It was somewhat successful but I wanted more tactical boff options.

I used some spare change and some refined dilithium savings to purchase an assault cruiser which I outfitted fully with antiproton beams, supported of course by weapon batteries, BFaW and EPtW. Pretty good, it flies surprisingly quick if I use the Omega set, and tanks well if I use Aegis. Decent enough DPS for a support role taking out probes, spheres and demolishing transformers.

(Remember I still fly a "destroyer tender" role extending shields to escorts, but I would like once again to have more tactical slots or more firepower as always


Originally Posted by carmenara
The Discussion

The point of this thread is,

Given the choice of 2000cp (the last CP I'll ever buy for this game), which is the superior option?


Pros: its phaser lance and option to mount cannons. Looks glam (it's a Galaxy). Can purchase additional ship costume.
Cons: Same tactical boff options as an assault cruiser. Possible changes in the future due to rumored Gal-X saucer separation ability
Without Saucer Separation, taking canons on the Gal-X is a gigantic mistake.

It's not an advantage, not even in Elite STfs where a lot of enemies just sit there.

Because the enemies that do not just sit there, will completely be out of your firing arc and you will therefore be unable to hit them and unable to aggro them.

Originally Posted by carmenara

Option to use Universal boff slot for a Lt. Cdr. Tactical
15% shield bonus
Most likely getting the Operations cruiser for extra eng console slot (more armor or power), chevron separation

Using Lt. Cdr Universal slot as Tactical = compromised 'destroyer tendering' ability, and explodes easily in PvP
Waaay too common.
3000 more hull points? Doesn't confer any advantage I think.
Sorry Odyssey fans, but the ship doesn't look 'right' to me. It looks too 'thin', like it's trying to bridge the gap between Enterprise-E and Enterprise-J.
The Odyssey is the best cruiser for a pure heal/tanking support role.

I say this as someone who actively plays a Gal-X on elite STFs.

I use the Gal-X because I own it, I like the look of the ship and with 9/9 ranks in threat control I am almost always the target of borg weapons.

The difference is that my Gal-X is designed to be a damage sink, my build is exceptionally selfish and I do not run Extend Shields (it's an amazing skill, but I need all my heals for myself since no one else ever really heals me).

Originally Posted by carmenara
Which brings me to a third contender:

Excelsior Tier V

Lt. Cdr Tac
Lots of engineering boffs
Roleplay as USS Lakota

I want a newer ship.

So what do you think? If I want a somewhat fast cruiser for team support with superior tactical options, it does look like the Excelsior is still the best ship for the job! How old is that design now?
I personally prefer the Gal-X for the role you describe.

The Excel has the better tactical options, but for soaking damage I'd rather have the Lt Comm be Eng than Tactical so I can run EPTS 3 x 2.

All 3 are good ships and a good Engineer could tank in a canoe if they had to, Sci also has some decent options to improve survivability - Tactical needs all the extra survival tools it can get.

To sum up:

Excel = Best Tactical BOFF layout
Dread = Better tanking layout than Excel, imo. Slightly worse Tac BOFF layout than Excel - much worse turn rate which is irrelevant with beam arrays.
Ody = Best Tanking and Support options.

Sovereign: Basically the same ship as the Gal-X with no Phaser Lance (a fun toy, but a toy none the less), no cloaking device (useless on Elite STFs), can't mount DHC/DCs (again irrelevant currently without saucer sep for the Dread) but has a better turn rate and is "free".