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05-17-2012, 10:01 AM
Cryptic themselfs said 4-6 beams is the "optimal" range. I'm guessing 6 is when you can keep your power at 100-125 for a more constant rate.

Torps may not have a good arc, they do have great range compared to how close cannons have to be to deliver their max punch, don't drain weapon power, and don't require high weapon power to operate. Plus you can use torps that give you Damage stacks over time like Har'Ping/Plasma that will do hull damage while your target moves around to your other arc's.

You can buff torpedo's by using DOFFs that reduce load times. I'm getting three Torp officers that have a 20% chance to reduce all torp load times by 5 sec per torpedo shot. That's a massive increase to DPS that required no consoles slots or extra power.

-If you are and ENG captain, then use Nadion inversion to cut down on weapon power drain. Found that out yesterday.

-Tac team to boost general accuracy skill on energy and torps (use this and EPS for max damage or when waiting for EPS/Nadion) Won't help with power, but makes up for not having enough.

-EPS to power heals/weapons