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05-17-2012, 12:50 PM
Originally Posted by exile688
Cryptic themselfs said 4-6 beams is the "optimal" range. I'm guessing 6 is when you can keep your power at 100-125 for a more constant rate.
The funny thing is that most people who tell me they're able to keep their weapon power up with full beam arrays suddenly gets very quiet when I ask them how to do it, or they wind up giving advice that turns out to be rubbish when I try it out.

I'll try cutting down to 6 arrays & throwing in a hargh'peng fore & something else with some punch, tricobalt or Breen cluster torp maybe, for the aft slot.

Originally Posted by exile688
You can buff torpedo's by using DOFFs that reduce load times. I'm getting three Torp officers that have a 20% chance to reduce all torp load times by 5 sec per torpedo shot. That's a massive increase to DPS that required no consoles slots or extra power.
They do take up active duty DOff slots however, and that's not something I think I can spare.