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05-17-2012, 12:16 PM
Originally Posted by MallowOni
The funny thing is that most people who tell me they're able to keep their weapon power up with full beam arrays suddenly gets very quiet when I ask them how to do it, or they wind up giving advice that turns out to be rubbish when I try it out.

I'll try cutting down to 6 arrays & throwing in a hargh'peng fore & something else with some punch, tricobalt or Breen cluster torp maybe, for the aft slot.
The way I keep my weapons power up to good levels is exactly this:

As an Engineer Captain, when I find myself in a bind for power consumption, Iíll use Nadeon Inversion to slow down my consumption rates. I do this especially when Iím going to be using BFAW or a double tap of Beam Overload. In the meantime I rotate my EPTW-I skill for an addition +15 to my weapons power setting.

If I find Iím still running out of Power Iíll use EPS-Power Transfer and/or my Red Matter Capacitor for +20 to all subsystem power levels.

On the attack my power settings are: 100/50/25/25

I use the Borg Assimilated Module which gives a passive +5 weapons power. I also have skilled 9 points into Starship Weapons Proficiency; which gives me +9.9 to my weapons power setting and 9 points into Warp Core Potential which gives +4.9 to all power levels!

So if you do the math: 100 +9.9+5.0+4.9 +15 = 134.8. That is without using RMC or EPS-PT. So it is possible to maintain high weapon power levels! You just need to set things up correctly.

Now, in a cruiser, Iíd like to inform you that dealing high spike DPS is not your job! Healing Team mates and providing support is! One of the best combo attacks I feel a cruiser can provide in PVP is BFAW combined with APB! As you will de-buff all targets you hit, plus, it stacks 5seconds for every successful hit! And, BFAW fires rapidly causing fast stacking and larger stacking of the abilities duration.