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05-17-2012, 12:48 PM
Originally Posted by vesolc
Can I hijack a thread for a moment? OK, what combo is better? APB2+FAW2 or APB1+FAW3 ?
If you are in a Cruiser with a Lieutenant Commander Bridge officer tactical station I would say that APB2 with BFAW2 is the best option if your goal is to help de-buff enemy targets. That leaves you with Tactical Team I to help keep your shields up or to remove de-buffs etc. Personally, this combo is probably best when used with something like DEM III as you will get good shield penetration and your targets Hull will have a de-buff on all energy damage resistances. Just make sure to do all this in-between their Tactical Team cast because TT removes APB de-buff!

If you are in a cruiser with only a Lieutenant Bridge officer tactical station you could still go with BFAW-I and APB-I to de-buff some targets. It obviously is not as effective that way, and you give up having Tactical Team which is a very important Skill.