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05-17-2012, 04:02 PM
Ever since this mission was released there are a number of problems seemingly tied to team play.
I've done it multiple times, both factions, and we tried all kinds of things to get it not to bug out, some worked, some didn't.
Nice, huh?
Some things:
Defari ambassador problem...
We discovered it's best to have one person on the team, preferably team leader to be the ONLY one to do ALL dialogue to avoid bugging the optionals. This means all other team members should simply close the dialogue boxes when they pop without giving any response. If another talks to an NPC out of order, it WILL bug. Yes, it get's a little boring for the rest of the party, but All party members will still get the accolades.
Stem bolts...
Look at your big map (M key) and look for the 3 small circles, it's 2 vendors and Capt Shon, talk to all 3 the last one will do the trade, then return to the trader, then to bartender, then to Defari Amb.
Part of party being locked in conference room...
Total lack of team co-ordination there. Make sure all other objectives complete before you enter the conferance room. Once you enter, the mission advances and the other parts not completed are gone since they are just optionals and you can't complete them nor can you leave until you complete the conferance room part.
Not getting completetion....
Everyone on the team should turn it in BEFORE warping to Bajor. Just close the window when it pops asking you to Warp and turn it in before you leave the map. Usually works.
If you do it solo everything works fine everytime.
Some searching will surely bring up those now old threads with some work arounds or solutions for some parts.
Based on past experiance (ie; the Devidian mission where you have to break up the barfight)
it'll take about a year to get it fixed.