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05-17-2012, 04:15 PM
A rainbow build (ok in my case two colours only) CAN be better than a single option

Pvpers will tell you otherwise but thats PVP

A tetryon / phaser or Phaser /plasma or Tetryon/polaron mix can rip specialised shields to bits damage ships that would otherwise seriously mess you up and lay down havok upon your foes

Anyone who tells you what to do is WRONG
Regardless of what they tell you

Experiment see what works for you
for example one of my favourite Sci ships mounts Plasma weapons aft (and only aft) anyone chasing me or trying to tail gun me is in serious trouble VERY quickly when I put a BFAW and a Torp spread into their faces

Tetryons drop shields very well and then polarons do the real damage

Same thing with phasers

Magic trick here is a simple one

Have your weapons your way and learn to use them your way

(oh and before anyone calls me a Troll my Specialised builds are MY choice No one else has to live with them)