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05-17-2012, 05:45 PM
Originally Posted by amlross
If you were to use 4X Direct energy dist manifold, or 4 prefire chambers, would it really be that bad???

How much less damage are we talking about here?

I'm just curious, and because stacking tac consoles just comes across as "cheating" in my opinion. Why have so many different consoles if your just going to stack one or two types only?

Not saying I'm going to start rainb-owning it up or anything.

what if cryptic decided to nerf stacking and you only got the benefit from one console? You would have to start using different ones right?

Right now if you have 3 or 4 tac consoles stacked, the game is ridiculously easy to beat.

The only thing that offers any challenge are elite STFs and PvP.
Even places like kerat (that at one time seemed impossibly hard for me) now seem easy. I can take out Borg cubes on my own with my defiant.

The sector space Borg red alerts are also **** easy now....

It kind of takes the fun and challenge out of the game.
What a Mk XI blue energy type is some 26. A Mk XI blue weapon type is 18. That's a difference of 8 each. 8 * 4 is 32 or so. No not a huge difference at all, well for you maybe. To me, even in a zombie healer, every little bit helps.