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Originally Posted by ddaemon View Post
Skill layout is ... strange.
Why do you need aux performance for cruiser? For aux to *?
Energy weapon specialization is "absolutely must have" here, i think it will be wise to reduce all admiral level skills to 6/9 and get it.
I have eng galor, i use 7 beams and 1 tricobalt mine. Mine realy helps, aspecially if you want to stop probes\bops\raptors. i have no such problems, 4 probes are almost killed by single FAW.
Also 125 weapon power is "absolutely must have", it will increase dps a lot. Actualy with 100 power 8-th beam decrese dps instead of increasing it.
Also throw away those power transfer console, it does nothing from the moment they changed weapon power drain mechanics.

Use tac BO in universal station if you want DPS. Get attack pattern beta & omega. Get eject warp plasma, its really nice. Get tactical team.
Do not use more than 2 emergency power to * abilities as they have shared CD. I prefer to get 2*EPtS and set weapon preset to 100 reducing shield, which is compensated by EPtS.
You can change HE2 to HE1 (removing tractor beam) and get tractor beam repulsors. It will help to deal witn "defend" tasks.
For a Sci or Engi Weapon Specialization is not worth it. You can gain more weappower and less drain with that extra points in Weap performance. (135 cap or so)

Also because Weap specialization will add very little to a Engi or Sci anyway. And using torps and speccing torp's to max is even more inefficient. Theoretically speccing energy weap specialization will only boost your total DPS for about a few percent.

For tacts its a bit of a different story, since they can already up their CritC alot the weap specialization bonus is much more worth it. Also crit = about spike, something an engy will never do compared to a tactscort.

But thats just my opinion.