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Hello all,

Please forgive my ignorance, but I am having issues with a concept ship idea, so I thought I would bounce the idea off of the community. I am leveling a Science Build (Capt., BOffs, Sci-vessel, weapons, the works). Now, this build will be predominantly for PVE, but I am keeping my options open. I am speccing the build for VA

The Vessel: Reconnaissance Science Vessel

- I chose this one because the extra Tac. Station may allow this skeleton to hit hard with weapons.

Weapons Package (Mk XII):

1x Polaron Cannon, 4x Polaron Turret and 1x Plasma Torp. Launcher

- I chose Polarons because of the 2% proc.
- I chose turrets because of the fast rate of fire, and the 360 degree firing arc.
- I chose a Plasma Torp because, and tell me if I am wrong, I have noticed an AoE affect with the Plasma Torp. detonation. If I am too close to an enemy when my torp lands, I also get hit with the plasma "splash". So, AoE...

Tactical Consoles (MK XII - Rare to Very Rare):

Directed Energy Distribution Manifold
Prefire Chamber
Polaron Phase Modulator

- I tried three Polaron Phase Modulators and then switched to this load-out because, strangely enough, I seem to hit harder with this set. I think the three Polaron Phase Modulators have a diminishing return after the first console.

Engineering Console (MK XII - Rare to Very Rare):

Field Emitter
- To help with shield tanking

Neutronium Alloy
- Over-all Damage Reduction

Science Consoles (MK XII - Rare to Very Rare):

Flow Capacitor
- Help with Energy Drain Abilities
Emitter Array
- Shielding
Shield Emitter Amplifier
- Shielding
Field Generator
- Shielding

Engines: Combat Engines

Shields: Resilient Shield Array [Reg]x2
(*Note - I will go for the Resilient Shield Array MK II [Reg]x3 if I can find them, but I chose a Resilient Shield Array because of the lower "bleed-through" and the extra 5% damage resistance.)

Deflector Array: Tachyon Deflector Array MK XII [FlwC] [PrtG] [ShdS]
(*Note - This Deflector may not actually exist, but this might be the optimum case.)

That should do it for the ship, now the Personnel...

Bridge Officer Abilities:

Tactical: (1 Ens., 1 Lt.)
Tactical Team I
Torpedo Spread I
Rapid Fire Cannon I
- I chose Rapid fire Cannons to help "force the Proc" on the Polaron weapons, plus it is a 30 second ability...Happens pretty fast.

Science: (1 Lt. Commander, 1 Commander)
Polarize Hull I
Hazard Emitter II
Tachyon Beam III
Science Team I
Tyken's Rift I
Energy siphon II
Tyken's Rift III

Emergency Power to Shields I
Reverse Shield Polarity I

Now, I understand there are sets (Shields, Engines, Deflectors, etc.) that have set powers attached to them. I did not include them in this build because I do not have access to them yet. But now, that I have given all of this information about my "dream" build, we have come to the crux of this posting. In PVE, I keep seeing "bigger" enemy power levels fluctuate, but I am not able to keep an individual ship "gasping" for power.

Can someone share their wisdom with me on the weaknesses of this build, on the point of energy draining?

Thank you in advance,