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05-17-2012, 10:58 PM
The level of noob in tonight's ISE run is off the chart.

First thing I notice is that everyone is in either an odyssey or kitty carrier. No worries I think, low dps group, I don't really care to much if we aren't fast enough to get the option.

Charge in to kill the initial cube and 2 spheres. Takes a little longer than normal, still no worries.

Rush over to the left to take on the next cube. I am blasting away at point blank range and after some time notice I am the only one firing at the cube. Where are the others? I look around and three are sitting idle by the gate. I look down and one is blasting away at the generator. Just as I type, "Cube First", he blows it up. I then notice everyone has rainbow beams, I die just a little bit inside. Luckily the three at the gate are holding off the spheres with gravity wells. Me and the premature generlator proceed to take down the remaining gens. A few spheres get through and the option disappears. We are able to deal with it and we eventually blow the transformer. Even after all of this I still think the mission is winnable.

We go to the right side, well me and the generlator do, the other three stick by the gate and continue to get blown up by it. I tell them to get over to the cube, but they either ignore me or possibly don't even have a chat window. I notice everyone has ship damage, some of them have 5 or more damage indicators under their icons. Again, I die a little bit inside.

At this point it looks like it will be a mirror run of what happened on the left side, so I just roll with it. I take on the cube and again a generator is blown before the cube is even dead.

Next things really fall apart. Someone holding back the spheres leaves the game. I kill the cube. the spheres are getting to the transformer now. One player finally moves away from the gate. The other decides to stay and fight the gate and ignore the spheres.

Now the player that moved away from the gate joins me and my premature friend. He decides to ignore the spheres too and just fire at the generator with his amazing technicolor beam boat. Again I type, "Spheres First". No one responds. With two players we are unable to bring down the generator before a new wave of spheres heal it. Ugh..

I am a very determined player and I don't even recall ever quiting a PUG match. Eventually after about eight minutes of this endless cycle it dawns on me I have to leave. This really upsets me because I wanted to run multiple STF's on this particular character over the next hour and am now stuck with a penalty.

It's amazing to me that two players would sit for over eight minutes and just fire at objects with no results, while at the same time ignore team chat. I don't think I ever ran with a group that was more determined to fail. My noob meter has blown up, nothing surprises me anymore