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05-17-2012, 10:43 PM
I, too, would recommend going back to more of the polaron-specific tactical consoles. Tac consoles do stack.

Adding one beam weapon would allow you to make use of your science ship-specific subsystem targeting. That may come in quite handy, for sure. Make sure to use the same energy type as your turrets to benefit more from stacking the same tactical consoles.

Why two Tyken's Rift? You're already doubling-up on that cooldown with TR III and Tachyon Beam -- it's very likely you won't ever use the rank 1 rift. You may be much better served by a Viral Matrix or Energy Syphon.

Once you do some STFs, definitely look into the Omega space set, or at least two pieces, for the Tetryon Glider bonus.

You may find it worth experimenting with other weapon types. Tetryon would give you a chance to do more shield stripping, but that won't help you drain power. Phasers are still a very attractive choice with their chance to shut down a system briefly.