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05-18-2012, 05:36 AM
Originally Posted by MallowOni
It's not possible to have any power level above 125 to my knowledge, so why bother getting to 134.8? Does the game keep track of excess power & make use of it if you dip below 125? If so it seems to defeat the 125 cap somewhat.
That is the potential amount you can gain access too. Therefore, when your weapon power starts to drop below 125, you use EPTW to gain that +15. This helps you maintain 125 in weapon power output.

I've already specifically stated this setup works well in PVP as it is, and that my problems were only in elite STFs when I'm trying to help with adds because PUG members don't seem to like winning, i.e. they'd rather let the Kang blow up or let probes through the Time Vortex. In this case I want consistent DPS, not spike. I want to be able to destroy a steady stream of targets at a reasonable pace, not blow 1-2 up in a few seconds. The setup as is works great for keeping AoE aggro and not dying in the process, or tossing heals to other people when needed. It just fails, unsurprisingly, when I'm forced into a role I didn't build it for. The thing is I have seen other cruisers tank successfully and still destroy targets a lot faster than I can so it's obviously possible to have a ship that does both, but as I said before they either don't say how they're able to do so or they give me advice that simply doesn't work, such as the person last night telling me a single EPS console would keep my weapon power at 80+.
I see, well... try the method I described to you! Also, sometimes it is better to let your power level re-charge before firing all weapons again. Don't have your weapons cycle when power is low. you will increase your DPS by simply allowing a second or two for your weapons power to re-charge.