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05-18-2012, 09:46 AM
I have to say that "The 2800" has been the most disappointing FE, in my own opinion. I understand that Cryptic was focused on new tech -- all of the FEs have introduced new tech or game mechanics to the game and they do make good vehicles for that -- but this time around, the story suffered too much for it. It really feels to me like the story was shoe-horned in around a number of game additions they wanted to showcase (Bajor, EVA action, Facility 2048 which is rumored to be a PvP map in the near future).

And then there's the bugs, yes. They should have just locked 2800 to solo play, when it comes down to it. Clearly they're building these missions mostly around that anyway, considering how insistent Cryptic was at depriving you of your BOffs at every turn in 2800 (which I find mystifying, actually). But the story really, really needs a sanity pass to clear up the inconsistencies. It's not a bad story overall, but there's just too many leaps over logic and common sense that need to be addressed.