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05-18-2012, 10:55 AM
They are only accounting for TNG and TOS, which leaves out the whole Jake Sisko, the writer idea. Not to mention the Doctor's Holonovels and photography

But still, I DO find it weird that even then, there are few references to other eras... I mean, is there a holonovel recreation of the the TOS era? What about the Enterprise Era? Do our kids in 2409 play Call of Duty: Wolf 359? (Not that far off, since it is about the same time span between us and the Vietnam War, which has been dramatized a few times in media.)

I will still say that replicators and holodecks will be the undoing of society. Not saying that will be a bad thing, but the transition will SUCK!!! All material goods and All possible services can be carried out by computer. That would put everyone outside of creating and maintaining replicators and holodecks out of a job. But then, the economy would shift into a new phase. Me personally, If i lived in the Trek universe, I would not have to serve burgers just to keep a roof over my head and my talents would be put to better use, such as getting my social work degree or even writing my own novels. (No, I would not join Starfleet because I am terrible at taking orders and following chains of command )

But that is me, I am intrinsically motivated by those task, money and livelihood need be no object for those goals. However, I would say that a simple majority of people would simply...NOT contribute to society. They wouldn't care. They wouldn't even attempt to give something. Not everyone is creative, nor are they athletic, or even social-able or military. What place would THESE people have in this New age economy. We are already having growing pains going from industrial to service economy in america, leaving many people going "What the **** do I do now?"

On the Point of false utopia, Yes, Star Trek is very communistic in the way it is structured. Everyone dresses the same. Everyone thinks the same. And there is no Private companies... EVER. Everything is attributed to nation-states and militaries, not corporations and logos. Thus, everything is provided by the Great Untied Federation of Planets. All your needs are met by the state. That being said, outside of Gene Rodenberriy's dream, there is the Maquis, who leave the Federation, which several characters refer mockingly as "leaving paradise". It surprises me that it took that long for a rebellion to occur. It is hard to see difference of opinion on that show.

And yeah... the Prime Directive, the most broken rule in Starfleet. We have seen many time where Kirk, Picard, and Janeway have directly interfered with another culture in order to give them a more...federation outlook on life. If the planet has slaves... OH NOES!! END THE SLAVERY!!! If the planet oppresses technological advancement... QUICK! GET THE REPLICATORS AND THE PADDS TO TEACH THEM STUFFZ!! Simple and utter interference just because space travellers are befuddled that another civilization and work a completely different way then they do.

TLR I Agree... Star Trek is horrifying...

P.S> don't take this to mean that i don't love Star Trek. I still love the Ideal of it and hope for a better tomorrow for our race. I just acknowledge the gaping holes in the scene and continue to patch them in my novels