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05-18-2012, 11:15 AM
^^^^ This. I agree 100%.

as an Engineer in a Cruiser your job is TANKING and SUPPORT.

I run an 8 beam TANK build thats almost unkillable.

8 Disruptor beam arrays, EPTS 1 and 3, RSP 1 and 3, Sci team 1 and 2, Eng team 1 and 2, Rotate shield freq, BFAW 1 and 2 added with EPS 3, Naedon 3, Miricle Worker and MAXED THREAT CONTROL.

I fly into cube/probe trees on cure, smack EPS 3, Naedon, BFAW 2 and watch all the pretty colors, All the raptors, BOPS and the cube all target me, then i cycle Brace for impact and EPTS when shield facing is at half, meanwhile my team is DECIMATING everything while i keep them from blowing up, and honestly, my dps isn't to bad either.