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05-18-2012, 01:25 PM
Originally Posted by Iamid
I agree it can be a twichy game, but w/the intro of Shield Dist/Hazzard Doffs, Team cooldown Doffs, and STF shields the need for coordinated cross healing went down. More recently the RSP changes and shield %18 boost consoles made this even moreso. This doesn't even count all the ways to boost power levels now. Personally, I'd hate to think of trying to break 5 good crossing Fed carriers running maco+3 part borg+ET doffs/bfi doffs/warp core eng doff.
While the need for coordinated cross healing may have gone down, it still doesn't address the fact that the game is incredibly twitchy. Ships have almost no natural resistance to damage, as opposed to games where there is a passive mitigation ala Armor or Magic Resist. It creates a very interesting dynamic of 'ping-ponging' between alive and dead.

In a game with 0 intrinsic and passive defense, the 5% intrinsic and passive defense will be king.

Also, armor consoles SUCK so don't even mention them. They've never been a viable option for passive defenses.