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05-18-2012, 02:52 PM
Originally Posted by kyeto13
And yeah... the Prime Directive, the most broken rule in Starfleet. We have seen many time where Kirk, Picard, and Janeway have directly interfered with another culture in order to give them a more...federation outlook on life. If the planet has slaves... OH NOES!! END THE SLAVERY!!! If the planet oppresses technological advancement... QUICK! GET THE REPLICATORS AND THE PADDS TO TEACH THEM STUFFZ!! Simple and utter interference just because space travellers are befuddled that another civilization and work a completely different way then they do.
The biggest problem I see with the prime directive is that It's so vague as to be impossible to enforce. It's impossible 'not to interfere in internal matters' as your very existence and diplomatic ties with a species does that. It makes much more sense when only applied to pre-warp civilizations; Don't interact with them, period.