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05-18-2012, 03:47 PM
The diminishing return formula is a good thing....

Honesty use it to your advantage....

People complain they need to be Jerky and have lighting reflexes in this game which is 100% WRONG.

Design your build to ROLL your defensive buffs...

Yes if you pop everything you can get your resists from 36 up to 50.... as you know that isn't a massive improvement. Frankly I love when people BLOW all there buffs at once... it means all I have to do is hold my offensive buffs until I see there buffs drop off... sometimes when I am being a **** (granted no one hears me but me) I count out loud... lol 5 4 3 2 1... and buff and 1 2 3 RESPAWN. lol
Don't be a blow everything before you pop in 4 seconds, chicks don't dig it.

However you could also ROLL your skills and ALWAYS have 30-40% hull resist up....

All you need to tank shields is in this game is

Emergency Power to Shields 1 (yes 1 is all you need)
Emergency Power to Weapons 1 (Yes to tank with)
Transfer Shield Strength

The Key is keeping your hull resists UP... so lets Consider running a couple Hull resists here.

Polarized Hull 1
Brace For Impact (Which can also be made to be a Shield Heal these Days)
Aux to Damp / Or Aux to ID

The roll goes like this

Engage The enemy
Full Wepaon Power Mode
Engage - Emergency Power to Shields 1
Engage - Polarized Hull
Engage Aux to Damp or Aux to ID

15 Seconds In to Fight
Us TSS if needed.... if not wait for another 15 seconds
Engage Hazards

30 Seconds in to Fight
Switch Power to Shield mode
Engage Emergency Power to Weapons
Use TSS if you saved it

45 Seconds in to Fight
Be ready to use Brace for impact if you loose a shield facing
Use your aux to damp and ID
Slot a Sub Space Field Mod (from the devidian Mission and use it here if you need it

60 Seconds in to Fight
Go back to 10

With this roll your shield and weapon power are always North of 100... your hull resists are always up in the 40s... and you shouldn't have to worry to much about massive spike dmg killing you. Be ready to evasive if things get harry (not out of combat just to a better facing and get the massive defense bonus from evasive... and break arcs ect.)