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05-18-2012, 04:31 PM
Firstly, it would really help a lot if I could push the hotkey for my power once and have it work rather then spending an hour pressing the key repeatedly (or having it mis-activate and start a cooldown but not work).

This would seem like the #1 place to begin fixing PvP... It has been reported over and over and ignored.

Secondly, fix the damn chase camera. It's too slow and is rarely looking forward. How can I PvP if I can't see???

Thirdly, AND MOST IMPORTANTLY, start listening to the players. You ignore all their feedback (proof will be in the non-reading by devs of their very own thread right here after the initial post - yep we are all wasting our time, they really don't care) and then wonder why your stats show the game sucks. The forums are full of ideas (good and bad), start polling the players to pick popular ones.