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05-18-2012, 06:05 PM
For 99%+ of the DOffs out there, they were almost certainly made via the character creator. I'm pretty certain of that, it would have been silly for them not. I should hope that somewhere the data files input into the character engine are already saved, referenced to the images they generate. Actually, I'd be kind of shocked if the Devs didn't already have something under their hats -- we know they have the intention of making your unique crew matter more, I would really hope it occurred to someone to make some kind of allowance for cross-referencing the static image with the CharGen data right there in the DOff database from its foundation.

I haven't seen the ultra-rare portraits. Are there Xindi-Acquatic or Xindi-Insectoid? Because really, if it wasn't a Xindi that had to be rendered in CGI on the show, there are almost certainly costume parts to make them in the CharGen already.