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05-18-2012, 07:13 PM
Originally Posted by USS_Ultimatum
You're already doing everything you can to keep your weapon power up.

I don't care what anyone is telling you, you will not be able to permanently maintain 100+ weapon power with 8x beam arrays running BFAW (yes even with EPS Transfer + perma EPTW 1).

That's also not your problem.

You're a cruiser, your DPS on elites is always going be limited. You can stretch it out a bit more if you are a Tac, but if you are unable to deal with masses of probes or BoPs, my guess is you are an Engineer.

That brings us to your other, more major problem.

As you are not there for your DPS in a Cruiser, you are there for support and tanking.

Yet you have no threat control , and while you do have Extend Shields a copy of TSS would be good imo (and better than tractor beam).

TSS is negotiable imo, Threat Control is not.
You're right, I'm talking about an engi captain.

I was being a bit lazy in my OP by not listing the changes I've made. I subbed in Threat Control & reduced some of the skills he has (again that was a build someone else suggested to me) 8 or 9 points in down to just 6. I've seen a breakdown of the skills' effectiveness & decided that in most cases the extra 3 points just weren't worth it.

Some of the things I've changed from that build are to sub in a Theta Vent console instead of the Field Emitter to give me a little snaring power, swapping Tractor Beam for Polarize Hull (still worth it even though it shares a cooldown with Hazard Emitters), HE 1 for TSS 1, and mounting an RCS instead of the EPS console. I'd link you my full skills setup, but the STO Academy site has never worked properly for me.