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05-18-2012, 07:57 PM
Originally Posted by carmenara (in reference to why improved maneuverability is not required)
Why is because nothing beats prepositioning the ship to be in that crucial 7.5 or 10km shield extend or healing range respectively. If ever you need to sprint across the map to catch a fleeing probe, I have evasive maneuvers, Aux2Batt, engine battery and Omega set engine for an extremely high sprint velocity.
And I have Eng bat, omega eng and shields, impulse capacitor, and 3 vr doffs that reduce time for evasive maneuvers, but that is neither here nor there.

The point of having the high maneveurability is it allows you to be outside of the 7-10 km comfort zone and be much closer to the hostiles, increasing your dps while being able to react to your teammates if they end up getting excessively injured.

Originally Posted by carmenara
In short you don't need RCS Accelerators to boost tactical mobility. There are other better ways to achieve mobility without using a single RCSA or a single Injector Assembly, if you can make the ship build naturally fast even in 'combat trim'.
Had I mentioned something as foolish as RCS on a cruiser or injector assembly, It would be worth mentioning. Even if you did nothing to spec a cruiser in turnrate or engine power, neither of those consoles are worthwhile. What I did mention was the Impulse Capactior. Given you can sprint much faster than impulse, it is worth noting.

Originally Posted by carmenara
Why I mention the little used Aux2Batt eng boff ability is because aside from reducing boff ability recharge times it also gives a boost to all ship power for a limited time. Skirmishing with a 110/105/85/15 power setting with Aux2Batt activated makes for an extremely fast and agile cruiser. When A2B runs out I go back to 125/125/50 for maximum firepower and tanking and -decent- speed and turnrate because the 125 shields comes from daisy chain perma EPtS.
A2B costs you healing. if you main idea is to heal, having it is counterintuitive. If you do not have A2SIF, grab a A2Dampener. THat will increas your turn rate and speed without hurting your healing ability.

Originally Posted by carmenara
Just the other day I saved the optional for KASE by sprinting more than 30km on short notice to catch a probe that somehow managed to break free from the science vessel's gravwells. I was assigned to demolish things and saw the probe go clear without anyone noticing and immediately 'shifted the gears' to achieve sustained near-impulse speeds right across the map and although the probe was barely 2km from entering the vortex, I destroyed it
To be honest, 30km isnt a long distance, but again it is unimportant.

Originally Posted by carmenara
In conclusion you can get the same boosts to speed and maneuverability from any cruiser type with the same Captain's skill point allocation, the same boff layout (or similar idea) and the same Omega engine. Agility doesn't cost 1600cp as my experience with assault cruisers prove.
To summarize my original point and elaborating perhaps a bit.
All things being equal.
Excel v AC: Excel is more agile.
Excel V. AC: Excel is more powerful.
Excel V. AC: AC slightly better healer.

Possible conclusions of those 3 points,
Less time combat capable hostile survive=less damage to your allies.
Less time to readjust position if ally is "just" out of range, more time to heal.
Slighly larger heals, more hp to soak damage.

Does agility cost 1600 cpoints? No. Does more agility (and firepower) than the AC while in a fed cruiser cost 1600cp? yes. Although if you have the funds, the cardy ship is an option as well.

There was a very good post a while back that someone did that compared all the cruisers for someone else, and the selection basically boiled down to the AC and the Excel. The OP of that thread determined that the Excel was better, but was not an improvement enough for the cost.

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