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Originally Posted by Adamma. View Post
The first contact concept only works until the "psychic flash" scene (why are aliens always psychic), where one of our heroes learns their true intention is conquest. Even if the aliens had a weird aversion to killing little kids and livestock.. but somehow trashing a highway and all the people filled vehicles on it is ok.
But what do we actually see? We see a planet being bombarded and destroyed. The scene is very brief, monochromatic, and rather fast-paced. It also gets forcibly ended, so it might not have been complete. It's a communication that could mean a whole host of things:

-(the one Hopper goes with) This is what we're going to do to you.
-This is what we've done to ourselves.
-Is this what you think we're here for?
-Is this what you're going to do to us?
-How haven't you done this to yourself?

I think that Hopper's interpretation is wrong. This is only reinforced by the very nice shot we get of their prisoner as the others break in to save him. The alien is clearly terrified. He reached out to the rescuers for help. That they're this bloodthirsty race that will be using ORBITAL WEAPONRY is borne out NOWHERE in their actions elsewhere in the movie. That this is a warning or a question rather than a threat is, in my opinion, much more likely.