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05-19-2012, 02:51 AM
Originally Posted by PWE_BranFlakes
4. Can I put a member of the Q species in my mission, as long as it is not “John de Lancie Q”?
Nothing in the EULA prevents this. Please refer to the EULA for a list of “Star Trek Properties”.
Point of clarification. Q is a particularly annoying issue.

Q (the one we knew in all those episodes, portrayed by John de Lancie), showed an almost godlike ability to alter reality. He changed his clothes all the time, but only once did he appear as something other than human. While I understand that there were several other "Q's" shown.. each with a recognizable actor.. the species was known to be able to change into "any form required".

Is it acceptable to have a character that looks nothing like John de Lancie CLAIMING to BE the Q we knew from Encounter at Farpoint??
"Q! THE Q? ...that harassed Picard and Sisko and Janeway? THAT Q? He was most definitely male, and you're a woman. Why are you here? Now? And why Me?"

"Well yes. I've decided to be female for a change, you know.. just to see how the other half lives... and why not you? Picard has become such a bore in his old age."
This also extends to the issue of "can we have James Kirk show up in our mission if he looks nothing like William Shatner?" which opens up the old can of worms of "how different is different enough?" (a borg in a maroon monster, for example).

Originally Posted by PWE_BranFlakes
6. I know we cannot portray actors, but what about characters who were in costumes and make-up and you cannot tell who the actor was?
Nothing in the EULA prevents this. Please refer to the EULA for a list of “Star Trek Properties”.
How far does this go? Morn is acceptable, but what about Worf, or Odo? Comparing the actor and character side-by-side, fans often are amazed at how different the actors look from their characters.How many of us were surprised to learn that Maltz from Star Trek III was actually Night Court's John Larroquette? Aside from their distinctive voices, I don't think anyone would know if a character looking like Grand Nagus Zek looked anything like Wallace Shawn, or a character looking dead-on like Nog looked anything like Aron Eisenberg.

As an example.. Compare Morta (played by Michael Snyder) with Quark (played by Armin Shimerman) Very similar characters, who look nothing alike out of makeup.

Could you say with any certainty that a character I made look like Quark, looked like Armin Shimerman?

Previously, Devs have said that we couldn't use ANY character that actually showed up on screen in the franchise properties.. in any way that had us assigning their identity to any asset.. aka.. a borg showing up claiming to be Janeway.. or a Klingon claiming to be Riker, surgically altered for a secret mission. No Badly programmed hologram Barclays, etc.. if there ever was an actor who portrayed the character, we were told.. we weren't allowed to give that character a "voice" in our stories. Either over comms, or in person, or in the body of any person or object.

Has this changed?

Originally Posted by PWE_BranFlakes
8. Can we include Cryptic-made characters and stories in our Foundry missions? (e.g. the Admiral on Earth Spacedock, or the new Captain of the Enterprise-F)
Nothing in the EULA prevents this. Please refer to the EULA for a list of “Star Trek Properties”.
We were previously, specifically, told that this was disallowed. Has this policy changed?